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New one to the forums :P

right let me tell you my story, i got the M3A32 MVP Deluxe, got it out the box rigged it all up, working fine, then i had to do a fresh install of windows becasuse it kept blue screening "virus protection" error.

Once i installed windows fired it up working great! :D then im just getting myself sorted out so i install the lastest drivers for my ATI 4870 i also install the drivers for the mobo that came on the disk.

after a reboot, dead completely dead nothing.... everything powers on like fan but just a blank screen and monitor reads "no signal" and the rest button does not work anymore also


Taking it to bits, taking out various parts like the GPU,RAM, CPU, HDD, DVD Drive in a process of elimation...... epic fail still doing the same thing :(

Swapped the GPU for another one to rule that out but same thing, just blank....

ive tried taking the battery out and putting it back in order to rest the BIOS but still nothing.

Ive tried resetting the CMOS and taking the mobo and setting up outside the case, still nothing.


There appears to be no physical damage to the mobo, everything seems to be where its ment to be, after all, all i did was reboot.

please could you help me out :( ive been really excited to get my 9950 Black edition (125w) fired up and running crysis, but this is a major set back.

if you need anymore information just ask, i will be sitting on the F5 key, so ill respond ASAP :D


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  1. Quote:
    Hi N

    See Tom's Motherboard FAQ. [...] therboards

    ummm no disrespect but that really didnt help, thank you for taking your time in reading my post.


  2. What psu are you using? Is it new?

    Reading what you wrote, I could assume you've done everything already.

    Long shot - but, reassemble it with one stick of memory and no HD. Put the Windows disk in your optical and power up. What happens?
  3. Remove the hardware except CPU/Heatsink and PSU connections. Unplug the PSU and remove CMOS battery. Discharge the motherboard by holding in the power button while touching the chassis for approx 30 sec. Put the battery back in, 1 video card, 1 stick of ram and see if you can post. This would also be a good time to flash to a current bios since you are having problem if the board is stable enough, do not flash if the board is unstable. Set your memory to manufactures specs (voltage & timing) and add the rest of your hardware. Wouldn't u just love if it happened like that, give it a shot.
  4. Ok ive done all that before, still nothing.


  5. nytrus90 said:
    Ok ive done all that before, still nothing.



    RMA the board.
  6. ok ill do that but i cant seem to get anywhere with it i want to contact Asus by phone but i cant find the number anywhere i am from the UK could you help by providing a number please


  7. United Kingdom
    +44-870-120-8340 (09:00-17:00 Mon.~Fri.)
  8. i have tried that number they dont offer RMA threw this number


  9. So what number did they tell you to call?
  10. they didnt tell me to call anything just to email

    but i rather contact them by phone, any suggestions?
  11. Nope.
  12. Good luck on calling ASUS.... I no longer "support" their products due to several personal experiences with their support and RMA processes. Just out of curiosity.....have you tried an "old school" standard pci card to see if you get a bios screen and was the vid card you tested it with the same interface as the original one you used?
  13. ummmm im not to sure mate, the orginal card i used was a ATI Radeon HD4870 and i took that out and used a Geforce 7300GS :P (tried it in every slot) but neither gave a post and if it was a PCI express problem wouldnt i recieve any beeps?

    as for the old school method i dont have a PCI card to try this out lol.



    Guys if you are following this thread then have i got news for you, it turns out that the motherboard had a dead BIOS thats right, some how the BIOS just died and didnt want to come to life, the bloke i recieved the board from simply replaced the BIOS and the board is now back to life.

    how could the bios of died? was it when i installed the chipset drivers from the disk?

    as a result could the CPU be dead or can i now rule this out?

    Kind Regards
  15. This is really jumping out on a limb, but it is a very remote possibility: You had mentionned that you swapped out the ATI Radeon for an NV GeForce card to test. Although you are not using Crossfire with twin GPUs or NV's SLI (from what I can see), it is remotely possible that the GeForce may not have liked the fact that you have a motherboard chipset designed for ATI GPUs. From my knowledge, you should be able to run any PCI-e card in any box as long as your not planning on running multiple GPU's together.... but you never know considering how touchy NV SLI and their on the motherboard chipsets are!

    Also I had an issue with No Video with a P5K board: New ATI drivers (at the time I think it was the 9.4 Catalyst) pooched up the DVI ports..... My primary monitor was getting nothing / no signal.... Went over and turned on the secondary (42" Sony Grand Wega)! Surprise, the new ATI drivers had somehow messed up the primary and secondary displays. I had to 're-clone' the displays and reverse primary and secondary displays, but it all worked out in the end.
  16. Very interesting...... but it still dont explain how the bios jus died lol

    Any other suggestions?

  17. The chip died? Battery died? Did he replace a chip? Or just reflash the BIOS?
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