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I need a wireless adapter compatible with Windows 7
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  1. Are you saying your existing adapter lacks a driver ? Try the manufacturer's website.

    Also see this posting

    New stock of some adapters may already include a Win7 driver -- so make sure you emphasise Win7 when buying.
  2. For those who own Linksys equipment, there are virtually NO drivers available yet. Not even beta's. Their tech support department is a joke when it comes to giving out accurate information. I just sent a nastygram to their PR and Sales departments suggesting that perhaps they post some information on their website and get moving on providing the drivers muy pronto. Given how long the RC has been out, this is completely unacceptable. And the generic Win7 drivers don't work.
  3. well i just went to linksys, bought the usb wireless adapter G, it listed win7 drivers, both 32 and 64bit.
    of course i returned the usb b/c it didn't work very well on my desktop even w/ those drivers, see my post if u want.
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