Need advice on cooling 4gb hd 5970

I have a Sapphire 4gb hd5970 and I was wondering if the temps I have are normal. At idle on average temperature is 48-49 Celsius and under load it can go as high as 70. Would like to know if this is normal, also would like any advice on how to lower this temperatures thank you in advance.
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  1. 70°C is a very good temp for the HD 5970, I'm assuming this is because it's the cooler triple fan version. No need to worry.
  2. Yup, very sound temps. You really don't have to worry unless you start seeing 95c+.
  3. OK, I wasn't for sure thank you both for replying and 1 last question is there any after market coolers for that card that would be beneficial in buying?
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    70c is pretty good, the 4gb model doesn't use a reference cooler, so in a way, its already packing a decent aftermarket cooler. I don't know how much better you will be able to get, to be honest.
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  6. Only better option you have is watercooling I think. Huge start-up costs, but very efficient and shiny. Although if you get started with it, be ware it's highly addictive and you'll simply NEED to have that UV reflecting dye in flowing in circuit UV lamps in case, etc. :D
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