Sound problem on my Dell Inspiron 530 with XP Pro.

Sound problem on my Dell Inspiron 530 with XP Pro. The Realtek on-board sound worked well for two years, started to get some static, and then all static incuding computer sounds. All audio files were all static. Installed Service Pack 3 to run some diagnostics which could not detect any problems. Installed Rocketfish 5.1 sound card and got back all my sound except youtube audio, .wma, and .wmv files which are still mostly static. Tried another Rocketfish card with no change. Rremoved Realtek drivers, disabled Realtek in BIOS, etc. Unintalled and Reinstalled Rocketfish, tried another PCI slot, etc. Spoke with Rocketfish support. Downloaded K-Lite Codecs. Nothing helped. Computer sounds, MP3, and DVD audio are all good. Please help. Thanks.
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  1. In my exprience if the software apporach /drivers does not fix the problem then you may be lookng at a defective piece of hardware? In you case the PCI sound card may be the source of your problem . Now you can always try swaping it out to another PC ,install the drivers and any software that this card uses and see if it workes then! If it still wont work you maybe looking at the need to purchased a new PCI sound card which can be very affordable.I had one system that had intergrated sound that was built into the M.B. and no matter what I tried I just could not get it to work . I finally decided to give up on the intergrated sound and installed a sound card.It worked and not only did I now have reliable sound,I had a much better quality of sound then the specs on the intergrated sound if it had worked would have ever delivered!
    Best Wishes,NicRic
  2. Thanks NicRic -- I did exchange my Rocketfish card for another one
    with no change, both on the same machine. The wma and wmv files are still all static while mp3, wav, midi, and other files sound good. Unfortunately,
    it is the youtube-wma files that I want and need. It still puzzles me that my
    Rocket card fixed all the sound files except wma and wmv.
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