Sapphire HD4670 1Gb DDR3 install problem

I've recently built a pc and the final hurdle was the graphics card. Upon initialisation of the pc, the operating system (Media Center 2005) hangs upon loading (usually just a black backdrop with the mouse cursor frozen on top). I haven't been able to get into the OS to install anything, let alone the correct drivers. I previously had an nVidia 7650GT mounted BUT installed with the windows generic driver.I'm wondering is it a DX10 issue? Here is my spec:
WIN Media Center 2005
Asus P5QC motherboard
Sapphire ATI HD4670 1Gb-DDR3
ASUS onboard 7.1 HD sound
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  1. Welcome to toms hardware. I doubt its a dx 10 issue coz you dont even have dx 10 with media centre 2005 aka xp sp 2. What psu are you using ? Check if you can go in2 safe mode.
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