Newly built computer problems

I recently built a computer a little over a month ago, using this hardware.

core i7 920 stock heatsink
ga-x58-ud5 mobo
3gb ocz platium 1600 mhz ram
850w thermaltake psu
2 gtx 260 core 216s in sli
500gb seagate barracuda harddrive
1 lg dvd burner

I have not overclocked at all as well.
here is the problem.

One day while installing the sp1 update for vista, the computer restarted itself. When it restarted it did have anything show up on the screen. I tried to restart the computer again, same problem. No bios, no system beeps, no nothing.
I tried repositioning the ram, reinstalling the cpu, clearing the cmos/bios, taking it out of sli, and basically everything

I think the problem lies with the motherboard somehow, but im not sure

any ideas?
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  1. it also had worked fine for over a month, prior to this experience.
  2. "No bios, no system beeps, no nothing"

    Do the fans spin?

    How about when you turn off the PSU and then back on?
  3. the fans work, turning the psu on and off doesnt change anything
  4. Seems like you'll need to start swapping out parts to figure it out.

    You should start with the RAM. Just put in one stick at a time and see if any of them will boot.

    Then it's probably on to the MB.
  5. ive tried all the sticks of ram alone, and none of them work, i have also tried switching the gpus and that did nothing, also resetting the processor, nothing, all it says on the mobo is c1 on the little display, which would refer to ram issues, but with 3 different sticks of ram, the chances of all of them being bad is very slim, right?
  6. Yep. Seems like CPU or MB. Your CPU does have the memory controller now ya know ;)
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