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I never tried it before since I don't have SSD. I have a plan to buy SSD to use it as a primary/boot drive. 64GB should be enough. Since I have many software that I'd like to use, should I still be able to install softwares or games on secondary hard drive?
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  1. Yes, you can install software and games onto the secondary disk.
    Some games and software however require themselves to be on the primary C: drive.
    In that case just make sure there is enough room.

    But, other than that it will be great.
    This also, proves good for file organization.
  2. When you said that some games and software are require to be on C: drive, does it mean that it won't work when I install those on secondary hard drive?
  3. Well, it depends on the game.

    A good Example would be.

    Steam, digitally distributed games from steam can all be on a secondary drive.

    But, some retail games (Games from physical stores with discs) need to be installed
    onto the C: drive.
    I'm not saying that all of them do. In-fact you won't actually know until you install the game and try to run it.

    But, most modern PC games do not have such limitations.
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