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I have an MSI MB w/ Direct OC on it, has anyone used this and how good was the results?
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  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What do u mean with direct OC? Do u refer a button for rise the speed of the CPU?
  3. Yes, It also has a program in windows that will OC it as you go, since I've never used this program I didnt know it it would be better to go with an alternative program to OC or stick w/ the manufacture one. I'm relativly new to all of this and would like to get some advice before I nuke my machine lol. I'm also currently running the stock Heatsink and fan and read that roight around 72 degree's is about the threshold of it's safe zone. It idles at around 40 degrees so I'm thinking 3.2 would be a good starting spot.
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    Well few days ago I used a MSI mobo for OC the 655K and it's very easy use the OC buttons.

    What was the results? I got 5.6GHz the winner got 5.9GHz but that was with phase change.
  5. I have the board that doesnt use the physical +/- keys on the board. It was about $40 more expensive and had a few things on it that really didnt interest me TBH. I'm guessing from looking at this that I control it via software and Ctrl + Pg Up/Pg Down. Looks simple enough TBH, the board came w/ a Control Center app that has a few preloaded OC's built into it and the forst one took it to 3.1 w/o issue so going to play w/ it some as well
  6. Ok.

    The software is very useful but the best OC results are when u do the OC from the BIOS.
  7. What I was thinking. Any idea whats a good start?
  8. What CPU do u have?
  9. i5-750, I played w/ the FSB last night and set it to 173, multi to 21. It was listed in an artical as a stable OC w/o raising the voltage but the stock HS couldnt handle it lol. Looking to get a new one now, so I backed it down to 160 FSB multi 20 which stil runs alittle over Intels listed threshhold and spikes upwards of 79-80 at times under load from a benchmark. Going to look for a new cooler today and then start at it again.

    I see alot of people rinning a coolmaster 212+ but living in BFE W.V. I'm limited on local options lol.
  10. ^U aren't limited for buy the Hyper 212+ I'm from Colombia and newegg and microcenter don't shipping to my country and even that I bought my current Hyper 212+ from
  11. LOL, I mean buying local over having one shipped to me ;)
  12. ^Ohh...sorry my bad. ;)
  13. RogueWatchmen said:
    I have an MSI MB w/ Direct OC on it, has anyone used this and how good was the results?

    I figured even being a newbie here myself I could at least answer your question. First off, I assume you mean the MSI 770-G45 board, or a similar model; that's the one I have. At first, I thought that the OC switch was nice, but after some testing I found it to be useless, especially with a 955 BE (or any BE/unlocked CPU to be honest) as most of the time you'd just crank up the multiplier and you don't need to adjust the FSB. However, even if you have a locked processor and want to adjust the FSB for OC'ing, the OC switches on the mobo are still (less useless, though) inconvinient. What if you want to set the FSB higher/lower for when you are playing games or just browsing the web/leaving it on overnight or something with minimal resources? The OC switch is much more of a pain to get to than booting into the BIOS and changing the FSB speed there.

    Also, besides being a pain to adjust (as you could still change the FSB from the BIOS with it on), it actually made my 955 overclock at a lower speed for the same VCore, temperature, and stability.

    Hope this is something of what you were looking for :)
  14. Yea I thought it looked a bit inconvienet myself, I rarly leave mine on when I'm not useing it over night, and w/ throttleing I dont worry about it to much when it's idle or just running a light load. Right now I'm going to get a new Heatsink and fan before I really start playing w/ it to much. The only one I could find local was a Thermaltake, will have to check what tye when I get there since the sales guy wasn't sure and didnt seem to keen on walking over to look closer.....
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