Nvidia 9800 GTX+ Dark Knight TOP Revew Very amazing numbers!

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  1. Not bad. I personally like the ASUS Matrix cards for the 4850 and 4870. They are a little pricey though, however the software with them is good and they have temp diodes on the GPU, memory and VRMs. Kinna wish I had 2 of them instead of these IceQ's.
  2. Cool !! Thats was the best 9800GTX+ i've seen.
  3. Some of those results are a little skeptical though. The regular 9800GTX does not beat up on the 4850 like that. And I just dont see this card beating a 4870, espically considering the 4870 and GTX 260 are about even within a few single %. Its just a custom PCB with a new cooler, the review site is pumping up it a little too much.
  4. if you look at the overall though, the 9800 GTX+ regular does come out ontop of the regular 4850:S
  5. agreed. I have the BFG shorter and with only one PCIE6pin connector and they perform equal to my old BIG EVGA GTX+. They runs lots cooler too.

    I also looked at those ASUS card, but i like the GPU the throw Hot air OUTSIDE the case ... My point.
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