Intel matrix storage manager sometimes shows unknown disk

Hello, having an odd problem. I was watching a movie on CD via my media center pc which I built setup with 4 disks in raid 10 array for the O.S. and I got a blue screen. When I rebooted one of the disks showed error occured as the status. I unplugged it and reconnected it and restarted and now it shows as unknown disk. The raid status shows as rebuilding, but I get an error disk read error, ctrl alt delete to restart. On occasion I get missing hall.dll error instead. After a day and a half of reboots and using windows O.S. disk to see if I can see the drive, it magically started to all work again. Windows booted fine and once in matrix storage manager started to rebuild the array. It got to about 80 percent and when I checked back in it was suddenly rebuilding again and was at 9% Then when I checked back it had restarted and again I'm seeing unknown disk. Not sure what I can do here. I need to rebuild the array before I can get this possibly bad disk out of the mix, but I haven't been able to get back in yet. Thoughts/recommendations?
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  1. Run a hard drive diagnostics test on the drive. It's more than likely on its way out. Only other possibility is that the RAID controller is dying, but that would affect the other disks as well.
  2. Thx. After numerous reboots the system finally saw the disk and I was able to get into windows but within 15 minutes blue screened again. After that the system saw the disk as normal but O.S. is corrupt. I ended up running chkdisk from the rcovery consol (the repair option during install would not display as an option) and it found errors which it fixed, however windows was corrupt at this point. Now that the windows partition at least was recognized as existing I ued ERD commander to salvage files I needed on the disk and reformatted and reinstalled windows. So far it appears to be holding steady. I am concerned the raid controller is the real failure point here as it's built into the motherboardl (intel 975XBX board).
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