PC speakers wont play sound

I am running XP 64 Pro. The problem is that there is no sound at all thru any source (youtube, real player, CD, DVD, mp3's, Windows Media Player, Skype, or Windows sounds). It was working fine, then just stopped shortly after making a Skype call.

I have checked all speaker connections to the PC and the sub-woofer, as well as the power connections.

I have checked multiple locations to be sure the volume is up and the mute is off.

I have checked the Device Manager for Sound and there are no yellow ?'s or !'s.

I have checked the properties of everything listed in Device Manager, and found that there have been no systems changes.

I have reinstalled my systems drivers from the DVD and verified on the sound board's site that they were the latest drivers.

I have reinstalled my Real Player software.

I have rolled my system back twice to two earlier dates.

I have run Microsoft FixIt Center only to find no problems detected.

I have tried swapping the speakers with another set from a different PC, so it isn't the speakers or my headphones.

I have run out of things to try. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for taking the time to consider my problem.
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  1. Wow... that thing put you through the ringer.

    The only thing I didn't notice in your list is if your settings are set to use the speakers. Yes, they can be turned off.

    You probably have it right, but just to be curious, look here...

    Start>Control Panel>Sounds and audio devices>Volume>Advanced>Speakers...

    If set to "None" you get no sound from the speakers.

    If you have Realtek HD sound, they have their own program that can also kill the speakers. You didn't mention the sound card/system, but if it is Realtek, run their control program and set speakers there too or no sound. That program, if you installed the sound drivers from the mainboard CD are located at "C׃\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\InstallShield\RTHDCPL.exe" or similar.

    When you run that program, the program appears in the tray to be launched, it won't just pop out there running.

    Good Luck..
  2. Thanks for your suggestion, but yes I did check the speaker setting and it was set properly. I guess sometimes it is just a hardware problem. I have ordered a new sound card, which should arrive on Tuesday 7/5. I am hoping that resolves the problem for once and for all. If not, it is a choice between reformatting my hard drive or turning it over to a higher power and paying a tech to make it his problem. Thanks again.
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