Gateway CPU upgrade to 3Ghz

I've just gotten a P4 3Ghz HT off of ebay. I'm attempting to upgrade from a P4 2.4Ghz HT. My motherboard is said to be able to handle up to 3.06 processors (so said Sandra Lite XII (15.72).

I opened my case, did the cpu swap, and now my computer wont boot up. It turns on, but nothing comes onto the screen, and the only thing it responds to is pressing the Num Lock(the light just turns on or off). to shut it down i have to kill the power to the system.

Anyone know what my problem is? I can't even get into Bios. I do know that with some mother boards only certain processors work. Yet with the extremely limited range of CPU's that were at the peak(3ghz) range were slim. I had hoped it would just work.

Could this have anything to do with my PSU being rated 180W? (don't take my true word on that. That's all i can see without removing the PSU.
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  1. I had a similar issue before. I fixed it by putting back the old cpu, updating to the latest bios, and then putting back the new cpu. Also, your new cpu should have the same fsb as the old one. Some of those motherboards can only take 533fsb P4 cpus, and not the 800fsb.
  2. If your motherboard can only take up to 3.06 CPU's then that means the Northwood 533Mhz FSB with HT. You can try the bios update but i doubt it would help
  3. Like the last guy said: It sounds weird but "up to 3.06" usually does not include 3.0. All 3.06's are Northwood with FSB-533 so you wouldn't have a compatibility issue.

    That's unlike 2.80 GHz, which could be Northwood or Prescott and have an FSB of 533 or 800.

    So you're only surefire upgrade is a P4 3.06, and none of the other details are pertinent to the 3.06 since only one kind exists.
  4. Which Gateway motherboard is it?
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