P5Q SE PLUS or P5QL PRO (with Q8200 quad)

Building a system - No Games, Heavy Multi-App/Multi-Window usage, ( 2D Cad, WP & Video )

Leaning to Q8200 quad for its multi-app capabilities - despite its lower speed than e7400 I'd been looking at.

For MoBo, was looking at Gigabyte EP45-UD3 (x) series ,,,...but reviews show that an uncomfortably high number of users have trouble w/ that board after a short time.

ASUS has better rep for cust.svc. and P5Q series seems to have longer term stability. (for my budget limit)

It'll have an ATI Radeon card, so P43/45 chipset is good enough

Looking at: P5Q SE PLUS, or just "SE", or P5QL PRO ... which would be better ? (Can't spend more than $90 to 100 )
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  1. Asus have better rep for customer service? I thought you cannot be any worse than them :)

    I myself use P5Q PRO, but a friend of mine has the SE PLUS and he`s more than happy with it, although the first board he purchased arrived dead so had to send it back. The new one been solid for several months now, but he runs an e8400 not a quad.
  2. Quote:
    Asus have better rep for customer service? I thought you cannot be any worse than them :)

    That is what local system builder told me (trying to sway me away from Gigabyte) ... it does seem sortof true, if you look at Newegg user reviews ... a lot of purchasers p'od at Gigabyte, without successful resolution (usually because the Board dies several weeks later - i.e. too late to RMA)

    But yeah, Gigabyte sounds like it might be slighter higher quality - so maybe it's a wash ... Thing is, i'm not building it myself, gonna have them do it. (right now, i'm not able to, despite knowing how) And it seems they can more easily get exchange w/ ASUS, or feel more comfortable providing a 1 yr warranty on the build to me.
  3. Well I wasnt really trying to put you off asus, Im the first one to suggest their products as they are yet to fail me, and Ive been using heir mobos for years. But as much as I love their product quality the customer service quality is far from desired, while the Tech Support is simply shambolic(or at least was, tried two times at some point in the past).

    But as far as product quality go in general, i guess asus and gigabyte are fairly equal.
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