Why is memory on an MSI 4870 so high? 4000mhz??

I dont get it... every other memory clock is like 900ish. This one is 4000??? how are they making these numbers??? someone please enlighten me! Here is a link to the card in question :

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  1. Its GDDR5. It runs at 3.6ghz-4ghz+ on these cards. The clock speed for GDDR5 is (memory clock x 4) = speed
  2. ok i get it.... but why would all the other cards rate their memory clocks at 900? They all have gddr5, is it just that they dont multiply it by 4? I like the saphire also, its memory clock is rated at 900. I doubt that means it runs more than 4x slower than the msi... ? thnx for the reply!!
  3. Its just labeled poorly. If you see a card with GDDR5 labeled at 900mhz, its running at 3.6ghz.
  4. nice. Thnx for the clarification, much appreciated!
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