How Do You OC?

I know how to enter the bios and the basic workings of overclocking, but how do you correctly overclock?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    That depends of the CPU that u have. Basically the OC is test and fail.
  2. I have a amd 955 c2 stepping. its on stock cooling, i know i wont be getting much, but not many other coolers fit.
  3. If you can simply increase the multiplier, that's probably the easiest. If you want to (and have the RAM headroom) you can increase the FSB. Some people say having a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio is optimal. Either way, never take huge jumps and always test for stability... if it's unstable you need more voltage - if it doesn't boot, a lot more. If it boots but fails Prime95 or LinX then it just needs a bit more.

    Best thing to do is try reading some guides on your CPU and Mobo and then just try it yourself. It's not hard but it can be time consuming.
  4. Not problem.

    I have the same CPU (even same model C2). What case do u have?

    The 955 C2 can hit the 3.6GHZ with only rise the multiplier and rise a little the voltage in the BIOS.
  5. i think my fsb to ram ratio is 3 to 8. and my ram is rated for 1600 MHz, yet it only goes to 1066 or 1100 MHz, is there anyway to increase this in the bios?
  6. U can set all the specifications of ur RAM manually in the BIOS but keep in mind that the RAM speed rise when u rise the bus speed.
  7. im starting to get this a bit more. so i bumped my bus speed up 5 MHz, and the ram speed goes up 13 MHz, 3 to 8. how do i make it 1 to 1 or 2 to 1? and assuming you multiply the ram speed by 2, id have to get the ram speed to 650 MHz + to get 1333. is that safe, or possible?
  8. Zeus24 said:
    im starting to get this a bit more. so i bumped my bus speed up 5 MHz, and the ram speed goes up 13 MHz, 3 to 8. how do i make it 1 to 1 or 2 to 1? and assuming you multiply the ram speed by 2, id have to get the ram speed to 650 MHz + to get 1333. is that safe, or possible?

    As for changing the FSB:RAM ratio, I'm not sure as I haven't used your particular system. Hopefully saint19 can help you with that.

    But yes, that's basically it. Try to get 650 to 670mhz on the RAM, sometimes you can go a little over the spec and remain stable. And also don't forget to set the RAM timings to their spec as well.
  9. For the 1:1 look for the FBS/memory ratio and change it to 1:1 or x1 depends of the mobo that u have.

    I need more information.

    What mobo do u have? What RAM do u have?
  10. i have the msi 790fx mobo, and 1600 MHz ram.
  11. This is the BIOS of ur mobo.

    The red file is the RAM adjust that u need change 1:1 or 1:2.
  12. the 1/4 ratio didnt work, but 1/3.33 did, and i got my ram at 1333 MHz, without increasing bus multiplier. however, latency went up to 9-9-8-20
  13. now im running memtest, and have it at 1400 MHz @ 8-8-8-20. does that sound good?
  14. What voltage are u using for the RAM? Seem good but remember drop that speed if u want rise the bus speed of the CPU.
  15. 1.61 volts. multiplier is at 16.5x, bus is at 210.
  16. So ur CPU is running @ 3465GHz right?

    How goes the memtest? Set the bus to 200 and change the multiplier to x18 an rise the voltage of the CPU to 1.4V and test the rig.
  17. memtest went for no errors, and surprisingly, even though i upped the voltage to 1.4, and now its at 3600 MHz, my temps went down to 45ish degrees idle. although cool n quiet turned itself back on i think.
  18. Disable Cool'n'Quite and set the fan to run at max speed, for that I think that u need disable the "Smart fan control" of the mobo.
  19. ok, now im getting idle-ish temps of 53-56 degrees. maxed out i think it was running around 70-75 degrees.
  20. Now that's the real temp since the Cool'n'Quite don't permit that ur CPU run @ 3600MHz idle.
  21. yeah, i know. i backed voltage down to 1.3875, ran stability test, its stable. min temps are around 52, max around 70. is that ok?
  22. Yeah, but I suggest that try to go with a CPU cooler for better OC temps.
  23. of course, but these temps wont like melt a hole thru my case or anything right? :lol: my video card runs at basically the exact same temps, 50ish idle, 70ish load.
  24. :lol: What case do u have?

    a friend recommended it, but he also recommended a back 120 mm fan :whistle: btw, just fiddling around with things, i set my multiplier to 17, bus to 210, cpu voltage to 1.3625, ram voltage to 1.61, and im getting 8-8-8-20 ram @ 1400 MHz, and cpu at 3570 MHz, and its running a few degrees cooler, would that be better?
  26. Best answer
    Yeah, less temp are better.

    Install the 120mm fan in the rear side. Front and side fans are fro air intake and the top and rear (back) fans are for exhaust that hot air of the case.
  27. right, that whole vortex over mobo concept. although with an lcs loop, the radiator is exhaust.
  28. i just caught on to this thread, i see its stretching over 2 threads :lol: great advice though saint, i have a 955 c2 as well.
  29. but u said the radiator could be exhaust, right?
  30. ^Yeah the radiator fan is exhaust for the case and intake for the radiator.
  31. any advice on oc'ing a 4890?
  32. U can use Rivatuner or Afterburner (I prefer this one) and basically is the same as with a CPU bu I think that u don't need OC that GPU yet, is a very solid GPU.
  33. i have afterburner, i got it at 985 MHz and 915 MHz, i was just wondering if i can do more.
  34. Maybe yes, but i'm not sure how much u can get of that GPU without rise the voltage.
  35. well thank you a lot. if i need help with the lcs loop or my oc burns a hole thru my case, ill be sure to contact you :lol:
  36. Best answer selected by zeus24.
  37. Any time, that's why we are here. Enjoy ur rig. ;)
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