Gigabyte or cooler master casing? & gc question..

I'm thinking of building a rig with the following specs :

core i7 920
motherboard P6t
cpu cooler - noctua u12p
cooler master real power pro 850w
xfx gtx 285 black edition

& I'm wondering whether to get a gigabyte 3d aurora 570 or a cooler master storm sniper. And if I want to save some $$ and opt for CM690 instead can all of those fit in? Besides.. should I go for a cheaper graphic card like galaxy/palit 285gtx instead? The price difference between XFX and palit is around $USD70-80(in Malaysia) .. thanks :)
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  1. Well actually you can save more money by switching the graphics card to 4890 or GTX 275, which should be available very soon there...
    And as for the case, the Yes the CM 690 is a very good option but get the Antec 900 if available...
    As for the PSU, get the Corsair PSUs...they have better quality than the CM...
    As for the CPU Cooler, the Noctua is good but the Thermalright Ultra is also a good option...
  2. yea i came accross the antec 900 while doing more searches. It's so smexy lol. But its availability is limited and antec 900 price is double that of CM 690 lol. I honestly don't know if I should spend that much on a casing as I won't be carrying it to a LAN party to show off or something... about the other items I've considered many times and I find it a real dilemma to choose between options. I think I'm having headache :heink:
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