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I was fixing my grandmother's computer and noticed there were things going on that could potentially cause overheating. I ran an older version of Core Temp that was already installed (from 2007) and then installed the newest versions of Speedfan and Real Temp. I'm having trouble determining whether the computer is running hot. I've read the information about Core 2 Duo processors that's on this site but most of it went over my head. I'm hoping someone can help me out with this problem.

The computer is a Core 2 Duo - E6300 Allendale (or Conroe - there seems to be a disagreement about that somewhere) - 1.86 GHz

It was a hectic day when I wrote this info down so I barely even remember it, but I believe these temps were from a 1.6% load according to Real Temp. I suspect it was higher though because I believe I was doing some web surfing at the time. I don't remember.

Core Temp beta from 2007
Tjunction = 85C
Core 0 = 54C
Core 1 = 55C

Sys Fan = 1395 RPM
CPU 0 Fan = 1004 RPM

GPU = 58C
System = 42C
CPU = 35C
Aux = -110 (that's negative 110)
HD0 (C drive) =40C
HD1 (F drive) = 45C
Core 0 = 57C
Core 1 = 59 C
Core = 59C

I don't even know how to read Real Temp's temperatures so I won't post that unless it's necessary.

Do those temps look high? Those temps have probably been the average for 3 months to one year.
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  1. If it says Tjunction is 85C and your temps. are 55C at no load, then you are looking at a serious problem. The temps. could easily pass the Tjunction at full load. The 'distance from Tj Max' value (which is shown by RealTemp) in your case is 30C idle. It is recommended that it stay above 25C at full load. My Quad is 60C idle and 35-40C load. So there's definitely something wrong.
  2. how is your quad 60c idle and 40c load?
  3. I mean the distance to Tj max values.
  4. So what temp. should the computer be when idle? I think in 2007 the Tjunction was 75c and both cores were about 47c when idle.

    How serious is this temp. problem? If the temps have been like that for six months to one year, has any damage been done? If so, is there anyway to tell?

    The computer sits in one of those enclosed desks. There's a door on the front that stays shut and an opening at the back. But when I open the door, the heat just rolls out of there. I pulled out the computer when it was off to connect the webcam and a ton of dust got stirred up. I waited until it was settled before I turned the computer on. But one of the fan's sounded messed up. It seemed to sound better after a few minutes but I'm not sure the computer sounds right.

    I also noticed that one of the expansion slot covers was missing. It's most likely been missing for one year, when a technician installed a new video card. I can't find the cover anywhere. So that's when I installed those temp. monitoring programs thinking something wasn't right.
  5. I have an open expansion too. Use tape. That's what I did. The fact: It does NOT matter what your temps. and Tjunction max is. It only matters what is your "distance from Tj max" as shown by RealTemp because the other two values are just speculation. Only the distance value is 100% correct. You might be just unlucky- got a hot chip. In that case, try to stay clear of Tj Max by at least 25C
  6. probably needs a decent clean on the inside, and if the air isnt circulating then it will get hot.

    give the whole thing a thorough clean, once thats done turn it on with the side off to pinpoint the faulty fan and replace it, retest the temps.
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