Is this powersupply good enough to power a 9600 GT?

Hey, I recently bought a MSI 9600 GT overclocked videocard. it says on the box it requires 26 amps, my psu gets a warning saying not enough power, it is a 585watt dual rail 19 amp on 1 rail and 20 amp on the other.

Will this PSU work? 575watt single rail 26 amp.

Here's the PSU that said it didn't have enough power.

Please tell me if this new PSU will work! im desperate!!!

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  1. Starting another new thread isn't going to change the responses.
    You've purchased lousy low quality power supplies, but either one of them should provide more than enough power for your system.
  2. then can you give me any idea why im getting an error saying its not enough power?

  3. The only time I've seen the low power warning is when the 6 pin power connector isn't connected.
  4. It is definately connected.
  5. REMEMBER if you buy cheap,,you get cheapted,you get what you pay for,the psu is the single most important part of any computer,you should expect to pay $50-$60us at the least for a good brand name psu...:)
  6. Anyone else have any more info on this?
  7. bump
  8. You NEED to save a little and grab a decent, brand-name PSU. Brands like Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Thermaltake, or Antec. A 380watt Antec Earthwatts is likely much better than the PSU you have and the one you posted.
  9. ^+1, Just like what I said in OP's other thread.
  10. yea i really agree, im using a 500w ocz with 2 18A rails with a gtx 260, and its working more than fine.
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