Lacie 2big file structure problem - works but slow (0.1mb/s)


I have a Lacie 2big network set to raid 1. Something happened during the crash of a program and moving some files and now a couple of the folders have been renamed, other folders are invisible to the computer (still there as I can see them on another computer) and the speed is slow. On transfers does 1mb then pauses for 3-5secs then another 1mb and so on. practically useless for its purpose.

I cannot use a disk utility that I can find that will repair the file structure on the nas.

Any help will be gratefully received, spent days with Lacie email finally getting "best to reformat" but would take about 80 days to back up the data.

Many thanks

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  1. Because it sounds like the file system itself is damaged, you may indeed be stuck with the reformat option. Can you delete the folders in question manually (saving the data to a local PC if possible first)? Just a thought.
  2. Have tried but it all gets a bit screwy some bits copy, some don't and I don't know truly what's affected with too much info and no guarantee that the drive will speed up.

    plan to take out the drive and put it a bay and see if I can get the info off and then reformat the drives and throw the nas case in the bin

    If you have any knowledge of doing this on a mac it would be appreciated

    Assume gparted is the place to start?

  3. When you pull the drive and put into a bay, your system will likely not recognize the file system (and won't be able to access the folders/files) because of the NAS OS config. Gparted can certainly be used to add/delete/change partitions, but is probably not going to help you recover data. Sorry for your troubles.
  4. On LaCie NAS's there is a USB plug. Use a USB external HD and back up all data to it via the LaCie backup/copy utility in the NAS itself.

    The LaCie dirives can be attached to a Linux box and be read. I did this to keep one of my sites up while the LaCie was sent in for warranty repair.
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