Front intake fan not working.


I own a Gigabyte Aurora 570s case. It has 3 fans: 2 out takes on the rear and 1 intake on the front. The one on the front does not spin while the two rear ones are working normally.
I had a look on the inside and it seems like all three of them are connected to a single socket. Could it be that even though they are all connected to a single place still only one of them can malfunction?

Also, I'd appreciate it if someone who own the same case can give me a tip on how to remove the front bottom panel to have a look at the front fan. It seems to be pretty well barricaded in there.
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  1. why not try changing the connections over it may be that wither the supply to the fan is faulty or the fan is faulty.

    hope its the fan as they are nice n cheap. and not the motherbaord

    though u could just get an adapter to go from PSU to fan if it were
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