More memory limits overclocking

Hello, im just wondering why having more memory in a system would limit overclocking?
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  1. If your talking CPU overclocking, it doesn't that I know about.
  2. ive been looking on as i wanna get a new system and they have the 980x over-clocked to 4.4ghz and above the choice of ram standard being 6gb, it mentions 12gb would limit the overclock.
  3. Did you talk or e-mail them and ask why?

    OCing the ram or even getting it to run at the manufacturers stated speed and timing with all ram slots populated is more difficult, but it's not a deal breaker, just takes a little work. Contact them and ask them why.
  4. OMG, I just checked out that site and looked at one of their 980X OCed systems and they are raping you. I took the parts and replicated it at Newegg and the cost here in the US would be $3,500 + the water cooling, another $300 or so, for a total of approx. $4000.00 and with the exchange rate and additional cost because of the vat, there are charging approx $2,000.00 US to build and OC the computer I looked at. That is some serious profit.
  5. yeah i know !! i looked at newegg be4 top see the price difference a 980x here is just shy of £900 its £665 for you in us!! shame newegg dnt ship here !!!
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