Micro SD card not detected on computer. Recover Data?

Hi everybody,
I have been using a 2gb micro sd card for my r4 for almost 2 years now and all of a sudden I cannot detect it on my computer. I wanted to know if there is a way i can recover my data on the card or atleast get it to work again.

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  1. did you try it on a different computer or in another card reader/writer........
  2. Yes I tried it on my laptop with another adapter too
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  4. Hey everyone,
    I have an 8GB SD Memory Card and stored all my College Work and all my other important files in it.
    The card is always in my HTC but just a few days ago when I wanted to go through my Music, my phone said 'Please Insert SD Card'. I was fuming and tried my SD Card on every phone including my Laptop.
    Unfortunately, the Card was still not picking up. I really need my College Work and all the other important files.
    Can someone please give me a solution as to how to get the Card working again or any reccommendations to places where i can go to get it fixed?
    I know it sounds impossible but there must be a way out of this. Please get back to me.
  5. hi, i want to ask u?Why my card reader cannot detect my micro SD card and why it cannot be formatted? :)
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