Best setup fpr 3D animation

I have been reading lots of articles here on THG, but I'm still unsure of the best system to build for 3D animation rendering. The software is DirectX enabled, but it is also multi-threaded.
Would I be better to put most of my money toward additional GPU's (SLi config) or multiple CPU's (Quad-core). Thoughts anyone?
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  1. Definitely get a Quad core CPU.

    You do not need SLI or Crossfire, those only work in games.

    You don't even need a high-end gaming card, I think.

    I'd look at something like Q9550, HD 4670, GA-EP45-UD3P.
  2. BTW, I mentioned the GA-EP45-UD3P and not the (slightly cheaper) GA-EP45-UD3R just because the UD3P allows two video cards, which means you can eventually use 3 or 4 monitors, not just 1 or 2. That's probably useful in your kind of work.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply.
    One more question...
    The Intel i7 overclocking review they did on this sight showd a total power consumption of under 500W but they used a 1100W PSU.

    Is a 1100W PSU really needed for an i7 setup?
  4. It depends on the graphics cards.

    The thing with i7 setups is that they require x58 motherboards, which are fantastic for gamers. They are normally used with at least one but usually two or sometimes even three high-end graphics cards. It's the graphics cards that consume so much. A GTX 295 or HD 4870 X2 can use over 200W just by itself.

    In your case, if you get an i7 CPU and an x58 MB but only a mid-range video card, your power consumption should be pretty close to 300W. You would want a 550W or 650W PSU for that, just because PSUs are most efficient around 50% load. There's a Corsair 650TX for $70 at newegg for example, or a PC Power & Cooling 750W also for $70. Either of those would be plenty for your setup.

    I am assuming you won't play games on this PC, btw. Is that correct?
  5. ah, it was the 50% load thing that I was not understanding.
    I'm sure I will be playing games on it, as well as "making" games with the software. I'm actually not as worried about Wattage as I am HEAT. I just assume WATTS=HEAT.The studio room the PC will be in is quite small and heats up very fast. The best water coolers or heat sinks in the world still can't cool if there is no cold air left in the room. :-) Since the 295 was rated most efficient per watt I figured that might be the one to get. (along with an i7)
  6. All right. For one GTX 295 that PC P&C 750W is enough.

    If you think you'll want to add a second GTX 295 later get a Corsair 1000HX or some other 1000W PSU (Silverstone, Thermaltake, etc).
  7. Hey i came accross this and i am looking to build a computer for 3D Animation aswell but honestly i dont know what half the stuff you guys are talking are, im a little tight on money but i have some money saved for this and im looking to get back into work very soon.

    Could someone please help me out and list the things i would need to buy to completly build the computer, lol including a case that the motherboard would fit in sorry guys i really havent built up a computer from scratch before.
    (If you could help please keep the price relatively reasonable)

    I will be using Autodesk Maya, and would like to set up more monitors as Aevm suggested this would be very useful, i should be able to build it up im just confused on what parts to buy and whats compatable and all that stuff :S

    I very much appreciate anyone that helps and thanks ALOT!

  8. You're not into gaming, right?

    How many monitors do you need?

    How much can you afford for the PC itself (without keyboard, mouse, monitors, speakers?)

    Are you in the USA?
  9. Well i could use 4 but 3 is what i need.
    right now i have £300 but im starting work in 3 weeks so ill have more after i get paid i mean its no big deal i can wait a little longer lol.

    Im in the UK, London.

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  10. You'll probably need to wait until you have a little more.

    You could get something like this:

    Phenom II 920 quad £161

    GA-MA790X-DS4 £91
    (may need a flash to BIOS version F6)

    HD 4670 £63 * 2 *(two cards)
    or HD 4650 £57 * 2 *(two cards)

    Corsair 650W £84
    or Corsair 550W £72

    Antec 300 £49

    WD 640GB £63

    Kingston 4GB DDr2-800 £42

    It's about £600 if I added them up right.

    If you want a somewhat faster Intel build, replace the CPU and MB with Q9550 (£241) and GA-EP45-UD3P (£141).
  11. Well WOW thanks alot i did have £500 but i lent a frend the 200 kinda wish i didnt but i can gather up 100 and he should pay me back within a week or 2 so if i build that up once i have the rest of the money i can upgrade and replace the cpu and that ?

    Also i know this is a bit off topic but do you know of any good 3d animation or Maya comunities ? (worth a shot ey lol)

    Thanks for all your help mate Neko...
  12. Replace the CPU? As in, take out the Phenom II and put in the Q9550? Yuck, you'd end up paying for two CPUs and two motherboards and wasting 250 pounds.

    If you're in a rush to get something going quickly then get the GA-EP45-UD3P and an E5200 (60 pounds). Then upgrade to Q9550 when you can, and this way you only waste 60 pounds.

    Or get the GA-MA790X-DS4 and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 7750+ (57 pounds)
    and upgrade to the Phenom II 920 or the Phenom II 940 or some future Phenom II later. That way you waste only 57 pounds and get better performance (without overclocking) than with the E5200.

    Sorry, no idea about those communities. Try Google...
  13. Hello

    I have just found this site today and noticed that back in 2009 you have been giving good advice on building a PC for animation.
    I too am looking to build a PC for animation, running Maya and Photoshop and was wondering if you would be able to help me out with some advice?
    The items you have posted are no longer available at!

    Like the previous person, I too live in the UK, London.
    I’m not particularly interested in gaming, could use 2 or 3 monitors (1 for now, will add more later) and have around £300 to £600 to play with, but would consider spending more if need be, if it really would make a difference! Although I would like to keep it as inexpensive as I possibly could!

    This would be my first build and so I’m confused with what components are compatible with what, and what graphics cards to use etc, the PSC to get, even the case seems to be more important than I first thought!

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks very much
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