9500GT which is better?

which of these 2 cards should I get

Chipset: GeForce 9500 GT
Engine Clock: 650 MHz
Video Memory: 1GB DDR2
Memory Clock: 800 MHz


Chipset: GeForce 9500 GT
Engine Clock: 650 MHz
Video Memory: 512MB DDR3
Memory Clock: 1.6 GHz

or is there somthing better for the same price?
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  1. the second is MUCH better.

    the first one will have trouble playing any game as the memory is very slow. the second card has GDDR3 Memory which is twice as fast and much more suitable for gaming. :)

    The ATI 4670 is considerably faster though and is the same price...


    Take a look at the charts here. The 8600 GTS is a similar card to the 9500 GT, just a differnet name really.

    The ATI card dominates it in every game.

  2. Thanks for your reply, what is the best way to switch drivers all I have ever used is Geforce cards. I am running Win XP.
  3. All you have to do to switch drivers is go to Start>ControlPanel>System>Hardware>Devicemanager>Display adapter, then click "uninstall driver" then go to www.nvidia.com click download drivers, select your series, in your case the 9 series videocards. then download install and restart!

    If you are buying of newegg look under open box videocards, in the search bar type "open box" then scroll down and click on videocards, you can get a nice 9600 GT, 700 mhz core 1.9 ghz memory, 512MB Gddr3 256-bit videocard for $60-75

    I have had good experience with open box products, haven't had a faulty one yet!
  4. The second one is better the GDDR3 will help a lot. If it's 2$ more why not go for the better one?
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