HELP!!!! Can not figure this out.!!

Hi all... I consider myself pretty tech savvy, and pretty good at trouble shooting. But with this issue im totally stumped.

My friends computer crashed and stopped working out of nowhere. I have plenty of parts to troubleshoot with.

I have 4 processors (1 being the one in the pc) to work with..

3 phenom quad cores and my athlon 64 dual core.

He has had this pc for about 1 year without any problems.

So i put those 3 phenoms in his computer, no beeps, no display.. nothing..

i put my athlon 64 in it and it boots right up.. 1 phenom (current cpu) 1 year old does not work... another phenom 2 months old doesnt work in it, (from my other roommates pc) the brand new phenom does not work in the pc.

The one year old phenom, we put in my roommates pc, boots up fine..

So what i dont understand is why the computer is not working. works fine with my chip but none of the others.

Any ideas? I appreciate all the help.

Also, vid card and ram work perfectly fine, we tried several kinds of ram and vid cards.
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  1. I suggest you take a good look at the settings in the BIOS. You likely just need to change a setting or Jumper on the motherboard. Get the online manual from the manufacturer of your motherboard. Read it and see if there is a jumper or BIOS setting that needs to be changed to allow phenom processors to work.
  2. I can take a look at the manual but the PC that won't boot up was running a 2.3 Phenom Quad core for 14 months without any problems. It dead locked in the middle of being used and hasn't booted back up since with a Quad core installed.
  3. A different website offered several suggestions of the power supply being faulty well we just ruled that out. Only thing left is it must be the motherboard. Mobo is an ASUS m3a32-deluxe.
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