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Ok, I've got a new SSD, I want to do what's necessary to extend its life while still getting the best performance out of it.
I'm running Windows 7, and have the Intel X25-M 80GB SSD and a 1TB Samsung 7200rpm SATA drive.

I made sure TRIM was enabled
Disabled some of the Windows services listed here to improve performance.

I need to move my c:\Users\USERNAME folder to my regular SATA drive.
Also need to move c:\Program Files\ and c:\Program Files (x86)\ to the SATA drive.

I'll just have to install games/programs I want to take advantage of the SSD manually to the drive.

What else am I missing?
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  1. Move User folder, yes!

    Well only some you'll be able to move: My Documents, Download, Music, Pictures, and Videos. That'll do. If you move Contacts or Favorites, you'll slow down access. And there are several hidden folders within the User folder, just leave them. Windows may not let you move them anyway.

    Move Program Files, NO! You'll screw up Windows! Windows may not let you move it anyway. Besides, you'll want fast access to these files also. (i.e. Internet Explorer, and IE's cache, Office, etc.)

    Sounds like you already did some research, and did so tweaks. Have you read this: The SSD Review

    But don't get too carried away. You an get away without doing any tweaks. You've got the space, have TRIM, and a reliable SSD.
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