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I'm pretty much new to building computers and hardware in general, but I recently built my own PC. My specs are found in my signature. I've currently got my CPU to 3.74 GHz at a 210 FSB X 17.5 multiplier. However, I've been looking to push it past 3.8 GHz, but every time I try it crashes. I have not tried to increase the FSB anymore, though. My specific question is how far can the 955 go? Has anyone gotten over 3.8Ghz? I've tried upping the voltage and everything, still no luck. I even got the BSOD the first time I ran Prime95, but haven't gotten it a second time.

Also, my graphics card sucks. I know; I'll be upgrading it whenever I get the money.


EDIT: Specs decided not to show up <_< So here they are:

AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.74 GHz
XFX GeForce 9500 GT 1GB 128-bit GDDR2
MSI 770-G45 Gaming Series
G.SKILL Ripjaw Series 2 x 2GB DDR3 1600
320GB Western Digital Caviar Blue 7200 RPM
OCZ Fatal1ty 550W PSU
ASUS 24x DVD Writer 2MB Cache
20" Memorex LCD HDTV 1440x900

EDIT2: And now they did >_>
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  1. What is your temps? Temps can be a factor sometimes. Also, you could try just going with the standard 200x18.5 instead of increasing FSB. Another thing is you should try undervolting, overvolting stuff like that. You may have to change the vCore is what i mean.
  2. My idle temps average about 37 degrees, and my max temp with Prime95 for 10 minutes was ~63. Also, being new, where do I change the VCore setting? I've looked in the BIOS menu, but the only thing there with voltages is greyed out stuck on AUTO.
  3. It is there its the voltages, its the CPU voltage ONLY! You should be able to change it by pressing + and -, + raising the value and - lowering it. Now you have to find the sweet spot yourself since its sometimes different for everybody. And at those temps you shouldn't go past 3.9, 70+ is a bit hot on the 955.
  4. the chasm said:
    My idle temps average about 37 degrees, and my max temp with Prime95 for 10 minutes was ~63. Also, being new, where do I change the VCore setting? I've looked in the BIOS menu, but the only thing there with voltages is greyed out stuck on AUTO.

    AMD has the max temp listed as 62C

    As for the BIOS, there should be the option to change that AUTO to MANUAL and then everything will not be greyed out.
  5. Out of interest, what cooling solution are you using?
  6. Alright, I lowed the FSB speed to 200 MHz and raised the multiplier to 19 for a 3.8 GHz clock. The system seems stable at this point; under 100% load it didn't crash or anything. I would go higher, but at this point I think the temps are a bit to close for my liking, although my ambient temperature was lower today and I only had a max of 59 degrees. I did finally figure out how to change the voltages, the BIOS I have apparently uses Page Up and Page Down instead. I'll probably end up trying 3.9+ when I can afford a custom liquid cooling rig.

    As for cooling, I have a Tuniq Propeller 120 CPU Cooler. The thing is pretty big for my case and it has about a 2 mm gap between it and my top case fan <_<
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    OK Chasm before you try for 3.9+ with water cooling, I think you should look into the Venomous X, or Noctua NH-D14. They are both very good coolers especially for AIR! And if you add a 2 good fans for push pull config. IT can be outstanding performance, not to mention that, but the price will be a lot cheaper than going water cooling. You could save that money for the 5770 XD or 5850, since i noticed your sig's 9500GT. They cool very well and nice job on the 3.8.

    Also, try using MX-2 or IC Diamond 7 thermal paste for even better performance while using the heatsink. (Lower temps, the MX-2 is cheap for a lot, and its better than AS5 plus you don't need to cure it. The IC Diamond 7 is a bit pricy, as 1.5 grams for 6.99$ and compared to MX-2, the performance is phenomenal!

    Thermal Paste Review: IC Diamond 7:

    NH-D14 vs Venomous X: They are fairly close, but the venomous x is cheaper than the D14, and close temps. So it's your choice. I'd choose the Venomous X though.
  8. Hey, thanks for the help guys. I think at this point I'm going to stick with the 3.8 GHz and my current cooling setup and go for a new graphics card. Which one would you recommend? I do not want to spend anything more than $250 at the current moment, especially since I do not have the money for one yet. And what company should I buy from (XFX, Sapphire, etc)? Probably should go in the GPU section, but oh well. Anyway, I'll probably get a water cooling system for my CPU/Chipset/GPU at a later date. I'd try another air cooler except I'd much rather put money into a good water cooling system if I'm going to go aheade and put over $1000 into my computer anyway (a good graphics card would bring it up to ~$1000, and I'll probably need a better PSU).

    EDIT: Going with a 5770 for now. Will get liquid cooling later :P
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  10. WAIT Chasm, before you pick since you want to go cheap. Don't go with the 5770! I gotta save you before its too late! Go with the 5830! The performance is phenomenal for a good price. It's the price of the 4890 but way better performance and D11, not to mention the HIS iCooler V version of the 5830 is easily OC'd to 945/1245. And it's performance is very good for the price. Plus you can only run 1 card at full 16x, might as well be a better card.
  11. Hmm... Well, I probably wont get anything for another 3 or so weeks, but I'll definitely look into that. I have a 1440x900 TV which I use as a monitor... But since this is getting off topic of CPU OCing, I think I'll post something in the graphics section :P
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