Good PSU to power 9600 GT for under $40

I might need to buy a new PSU for my videocard, it isn't looking good.

My videocard says it requires 26 AMPS

Here's my specs

Processor: Amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 4800+
VideoCard: MSI 9600 GT overclocked version.
RAM: A-data 2GB of DDR2 RAM @800 Speed.
Motherboard: Foxconn m61pmv
Case: rosewill r220
PowerSupply: (this is one the one I just bought, haven't tried it yet) logysis 575 WATT single rail max amp is 25.

Right now im running on dual rail 18 amp on one and 19 amp on the other, 585 watt. and my videocard says it needs more power to run.

Alot of people said this videocard sucked, so I need to get a new one I geuss.

any suggestions for under $40? it actually needs to be under $30 but if I must....
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  1. Horrible brand i suggest return it. the 9600gt is a decent card for gaming and doesnt require much power. Here are some budget psu's.
  2. K, might have to do that.
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