What Video Card do i need to Play AVCHD Videos without Problems?

I'm planning to buy a Canon Vixia HF10 AVCHD camcorder, and I'm wondering what do i need in my computer so it can Play Full 1080p HD Videos in avchd format without problems? Also what Video Card is Recommended?

I'm asking this because i went to the Canon websites and check the Vixia HF10 Specs and I found Some Sample Videos they have, I choose the HD1080(540mb) video sample they have Here, Its in the Bottom of the page where it says Video Samples:

And now I'm Concern because when i try to play it, it doesn't play smooth, is choppy. I have a powerful PC so what do i need to add or change, if its the video card, what video card is recommended??

If the 8800GT is Not Powerful enough for AVCHD, Can you all Please make a List of Video Cards that will do the Job, Also my budget is $200 for a video card, if you can find one at a lower price would be also great.

My PC Specs:

Quad Core Processor Q9550 @2.8ghz
512mb Nvidia 8800GT Video Card
4gb of Memory Ram
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
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  1. No the 8800GT is plenty powerful, here's what I would do.

    1. Defragment your computer.
    2. run a virus scan.
    3. run a spyware scan.
    4. download and run ccleaner (helps alot of things)
    5. go to your computer press control f and search for files over 10000kb and delete all files that are old movies or music or files you KNOW aren't used.
    6. if all that doesn't work try reistalling windows, lol.
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