Converting intel g2 160 to enclosure for backup

Do i need to know anything special about converting my g2 160 to an external drive with enclosure?

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  1. Make sure enclosure is sata2, 2 1/2 in and that the interface is what you need to interface with the computer you are connecting to. esata or USB3 are good choices, usb2 would limit your performance considerably.
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    Looking at specs you have
    "(1) USB 2.0 compliant / e-SATA port with PowerShare" You would want to use the esata. This brings up power, will need a brick (external power), or an adaptor Power-from-a-usb port.

    Your Intel G2 only requires 160mW active (typical), a Usb port can supply a MAX of 2.5 W. Note: many people indicate enclosure does not work - the reason is they are trying to power it from the usb port and a mechanical HDD may require up to 5 W which excceeds the USB 2.5 Watt max limit.

    I bought this one. Like becaues it fits pocket and worked.
    Note One reviewer knocked it down because he had to use two cables (esata and USB - for Power) - Dah - esata does not care power, and must get power from some where.

    Here are two others that meet your needs
    (1) Plus - Comes with a USB power cable, no power adaptor (Just pick up a 5V adaptor made for plucking int a usb extender. neg - seems to have a high 1/2 egg rating, But some of the poor ratings are individuals using a HDD that requires more power than can be provided from a USB port!!!

    (2) Plus comes with a power adaptor, neg high priced, no USB power cable
  3. thanks, we got this by sabrent -

    I am going to purchase a esata cable. The write speed with usb seems kinda of slow. 15-20 MB a second.
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  5. Your link points to a 3.5" enclosure - Your Intel G2 is a 2.5" form factor. It can be made to work, but not really designed for "Notebook" sized drives.
  6. we used the brackets thtat came with the retail intel ssd to convert it 3.5
  7. That will work.
  8. it's on a windows 7 laptop, does esata pass the trim command?
  9. It should work, as long as the drive is recognized as AHCI. No real problem as in case it does not, just use intel tool box. (SEE question/answer #4) in link below
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