Would it be safe to overclock?

I've got an old AMD Athlon 64 3200+ running @ 2.2 GHz currently. The PC currently has a GeForce 6800 @ stock, two DVD burners, two IDE HDDs, one 120 GB 5400RPM, the other 200 GB 7200 RPM, and I'm running two case fans, all of this on a 300W PSU (by Hyena, not sure if it's generic).

Do you guys feel it's safe to overclock that Athlon to around 2.25 GHz or 2.3 GHz if possible, and the GeForce 6800 too? Or am I really pushing it with a 300W PSU?
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  1. You are lucky that thingn is powering all that... I wouldn't touch anything! Is it really worth risking it to go from 2.2 to 2.3 ghz? Don't even waste your time overclocking for that little... just use your machine to play starcraft 2
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    About all you will be able to do is raise the FSB. On my old 3200 I ran at 222x11 @2442 for 2 years and my Mom is still running it at 210x11 @2310 for the last 2+ years (she's an OC'er and doesn't know it LOL).

    The 6800 was known for running hot,hot,hot but still may have a little extra left in er'.

    As for the Hyena, it may not be generic, but it's really close to it. You may want to check around to see if you can find a back-up laying around.
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