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I am upgrading my computer and this is the first time I have put a SATA drive in the PC. I will provide my PC equipment and explain my problem.

Motherboard: ASUS A8V-XE
Hard Drive: WD 500G Caviar SATA II 16m Cache 3.0 g/s
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
Memory: 2gb Dual Channel DDR
Processor: AMD Athlon 64X2

The problem I am having is that the system will not recognize the Hard Drive and when I try to put the RAID drivers in the system it fails. I have never used SATA until this point so I am new to these components. I set my BIOS to run from cd as main and Hard Drive as secondary. Please help me! I really appreciate anyone for their help.
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  1. How many hard drives do you have?
  2. are you adding the hard drive to an existing computer that is booting from the original hard drive ?

    Or have you removed the original [ just unplugging power is enough ] and trying a fresh install of vista on the new drive ?

    And most importantly when you look in BIOS is it recognizing your new hard drive? If BIOS doesnt see it then its almost certainly faulty .
  3. How many hard drives do you have?
  4. I have 1 new Hard Drive which is the SATA HD, I am trying to create a new system without using the 2 older IDE drives , a 60 Samsung and a 40 Seagate, because they are giving me a lot of trouble. I even tried to run my XP disc but when I try to hit F6 to load the RAID drivers the system does not respond but it responds when I hit enter and F2. I apologize for the delayed response.
  5. assuming you have been through BIOS , made sure that the drive is recognized , and enabled the correct options [ use your manual ]

    and that you have the correct SATA driver on a floppy

    Its should be as simple as changing the cd/dvd to be first boot device , booting with your XP dvd in the drive and hitting F6 when prompted and following instructions .

    If that doesnt work its possible the hard drive is faulty . They are fairly fragile and rough shipping can damage them . If your new hard drive is a 7200.11 seagate its probably not any good any way . Lots of failures .

    Two ways to help find out if your new drive is faulty .
    1/ try another sata drive on the mb

    2/put the original boot drive in the computer and also connect the new sata drive . See if you can format the new disc from windows .
    To d that you RIGHT click on MY COMPUTER ,select MANAGE , and then DISK MANAGEMENT
  6. Floppy? As I feared. I do not possess any floppy disks anymore. My friend came over to assist me with the problem and we concluded that the floppy might be the solution. Thanks for your response.
  7. You don't have to load any drivers if you change the drive to run in IDE mode in the BIOS. Most motherboards allow you to either run the drive in RAID/AHCI mode or IDE mode. Just change it to run in IDE mode and you should be fine.

    You said you were trying to install Vista, right? If so, you don't need a floppy drive. Vista will allow you to use a thumb drive to load drivers at install time.
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