Quick ssd question.

im planning on getting one today and .... my ? is,

im sure that between ssds, the performance varies between each other based on manufacturer, type etc.....

but when it comes to SSD vs any type of reg hdd....does it even matter....like if i get a cheap one for like.........i was thinking of a 60gb as a boot drive (and some of my main progs) will it even matter because the SSD(no matter the type) will blow it out of the water, or is it not that simple???
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  1. Your thoughts are sound. Most any modern SSD will blow away a HDD.

    60GB is a good start.

    OCZ Vertex, or Vertex 2. OCZ Agility, or Agility 2. These have a good reputation.

    But I like the Intel SSD, like Intel X25-M 80GB SSDs. Intels SSD have the highest ratings, even if not the highest specs.

    The Intel X25-V 40GB work, but 40GB is too tight.

    What is your budget?

    There is also a A-Data X25-M 80GB for less, it's Intel "Co-logo'd" but I haven't heard anything about it. Here's a link.

    One thing, stay away form JMicron controllers, and SLC's (go with MLC architecture). And Kingston SSDs. Heard bad things about these all.
  2. ummm...well i saw the one for 150 but yeah, between 150-200.........
    honestly i want something that can hold my os (win7)

    and my main programs (adobe family like pshop,illustrator,flash ) etc....

    other than that, everything else can live on my 250 gig hd.

    the space is not important i have a 250gig that im running my os off of....my main hdd....but i have a new 650g in the closet and a 1.5tb external....so my main use for the ssd is to speed things considerably up...

    so my main use for it is for speed (os and main progs) and install a game or two u knoow.....
  3. Still, you're thinking correctly!
  4. since youve got em, let me ask you this....

    since SSds are supposed to be way faster than a reg hdd right, so if i for example, put my photoshop in a secondary hd right, when i open up photoshop from my ssd.......isnt it going to be slow anyways because its feeding my ssd from my reg hdd.???
  5. Most of the time it takes to start up Photoshop comes from loading in program DLLs and plugins. As long as Photoshop is installed on the SSD, it will start up much faster even if the image files it's reading are on a hard drive.

    Of course if you try to open up a whole bunch of images at once then the performance of the hard drive will become significant.
  6. no but what i mean is, that for example, currently i have pshop installed in my 250gig right, and
    when i get this ssd, say that i put the os on it but left everything else as is, and then i just took a shortcut and placed it on the ssds desktop.

    sicne its being fed from the 250gig 7200 rmp drive, will it be just as slow or for me ??? and if so, is it that for me to see any speed gains, i HAVETO install the programs i want to be faster into my ssd?
  7. You'll have to install the programs on the SSD to get it's speed, but the data files can, and should, be on a HDD.

    THe proram will lauch faster, then load it's "data."

    My iTunes is the same way. Program on my SSD, but Music file on my HDD. It's still faster than when all on HDD.
  8. ok thanks fellas, imma go to compusa to see what they have...i DETEST to buy important components from the internet...something goes wrong and ill be there all week ....or 3 waiting for returns /exchanges etc...

    so imma go n see what they have.


    " One thing, stay away form JMicron controllers, and SLC's (go with MLC architecture). And Kingston SSDs. Heard bad things about these all. "

    i have no idea what that all means but i guess if i find one i like and see any of this on the box ill run away lol

    thanks fellas, leaving to the store now!!
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