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I have a GTX 285 (reg. version) and I'm thinking of upgrading to the GTX 295 series or SLI my 285. Money wise I would be saving $175 on the SLI, but I read how the 295 blazes. What do you all think? I have a i7 920 cpu.
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  1. Well, are you not satisfied with the performance of any game you are now playing? If you are not, check benchmarks and see if either option will give you the FPS and/or eye candy you want. If neither will, don't bother. Otherwise, which option will you regret in 6 months? You can get a second 295 for SLI in a few months, but if you do SLI now, you'd be throwing even more away if you need a further upgrade.
  2. Because there is a new game coming out called "stupid man who wants to waste money" : )
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