Hey all, So I'm putting together my new build and realized I made a booboo. My mobo requires an 8 pin 12V power connector but my PSU has only a 4 pin:( is there anything I can do?!

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  1. It depends on how much demand your cpu is putting on the system.
    If you don't have a really high power cpu, just using a 4 pin power plug may work. Read your motherboard owners manual for more info.
  2. So I got it working with the 4 pin connector. But the processor is running at 69 degrees Celsius upon booting and getting hotter. The processor is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5800, nothing fancy I know. There's a thermaltake cooler sitting on top, and the mobo is an XFX 750a nforce SLI. The PSU is a 430W thermaltake. Any ideas on whats up now?
  3. Did you apply thermal paste to the CPU cooler? If so, did you use the correct amount? It's usually about the amount of a single grain of cooked rice, or perhaps a very small dry pea.
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