I3 + P55 overclock

:hello: I am currently running the following setup [i3 530, ECS P55H-A, Hyper 212+]:

CPU speed- 3800mhz
RAM speed- 1380mhz [only running 2gig 1333 memory]
BCLK speed- 173mhz

CPU multiplier- 22
RAM multiplier- 8

CPU vcore- 1.168v (stock + 0.09v)
RAM voltage- 1.504v (stock)
VTT voltage- 1.120v (stock + 0.02v)

Everything is stable at the moment but I want to reach the following settings with the rig in my signature.

CPU speed- 3800mhz
RAM speed- 2000mhz [this will be with 2x2gig DDR3 2000 memory]
BCLK speed- 200mhz

CPU multiplier- 19
RAM multiplier- 10

CPU vcore- 1.1600v (stock + 0.08v)
RAM voltage- 1.600v (stock)
VTT voltage- 1.170v (stock + 0.07v)

I would just like to know if the settings are good enough for such a high BCLK (200mhz).

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks. :D
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  1. It depends on your motherboard. I have a 530 with a 212+ and an ASRock p55 Extreme, and no matter what I do I can't get over 185 bclk. I have seen many other people hit 200 easily on the 530 so I'd say yes.
  2. Thanks for reply. I had my i3 @ 4.0ghz and 182bclk but didn't go any higher, I only want a bclk of 200 because then I can run my memory @ 2000mhz and if I want a higher CPU overclock then I can just crank up the multiplier. When I get the new memory I'll just have to try it out and see how it goes.
  3. Those voltages are surprising to me. Very low. I suppose it wouldn't take as much as my i5 750, however, the Intel specs for max voltage are the same (1.4V Vcore, 1.4V VTT). I guess this means the i3 530 can be pushed to pretty extreme limits. Actually now that I consider it, I think I read about a guy on water who got it to 5ghz.

    But anyway, should work fine... although voltages I mean you just gotta play with them to get it optimal.
  4. Thanks Wolfram, I read somewhere that the P55 boards are very sensitive to VTT voltage which is why I have left it pretty low. But, it works fine for now so i'm not going to change it until I get my new RAM.
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