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Well I desided to throw my older rig back togather It was last used a month ago or so. When I boot it up windows xp cd in my cd drive with or without it i get an error That says: CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded Warning! Now system is in safe mode. Please re-setting CPU Frequency in the CMOS setup. F1 to continue and or Del to enter setup.

I enter setup check all settings are normal most set to auto I grabed some CPUZ stats off of some sites and even tried to set the settings to what they should be aswell as loaded default settings saved and then reboot. The problem I run in to is.. When ever I enter setup and leave my monitor resets and ends up in standby "no signal" and I can't get it to turn back on with out powering down moving the jumper for 10 sec and then turning it back on just to find the error agian. If I hit f1 and continue I have no OS on the drive yet so I can't boot anything I just get missing boot file.. blah. Ive tried different power supply 3 different video cards different ram different slots for ram different hard drives and cd rooms Ive even replaced the bios battery I am at wits end here have no other options PLEASE help me....

My current specs:

AMD Althlon 64 3800+ w/ DFI Lan party NF590 SLI
Im running 160GB WD SATA drive empty just formated.
Geforce 7600 GT
HP dvd rw
PS is a 600w ultra ps I just took out of my other rig when i upgraded so it had no problems.
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  1. that is the identical problem i am having... i am getting really frustrated by this
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