Overclocking with gigabyte p55a ud3 rev 1 should i worry?

I want to overclock my i5 750 but i heard about foxxcon socket issue when overclocking. I also heard as long as you have the P55A model the issue should be fine its the p55 models that have the faulty sockets. I just want to make sure about this before overclocking my cpu. I dont want to blow any of my componenents.

I have a 650 watt corsair psu.

radeon 5770

Thank you for your input in advance.
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    Looks like you already have some information on this issue. The problem is that no one will tell you with any degree of certainty whether the socket pins may have a burnout problem.

    If you want to do some moderate OC just to have fun, learn, and to satisfy your curiosity, pay close attention to the temps. Pins burnout is always the result of high temps and bad pins.

    If your CPU runs well at stock speed, leave it alone. If you definitely want o try OC, then do a moderate OC with a good heatsink installed to good practices. Usually, the temps won't be too high with normal computer use and moderate gaming. Even so, watch the temps.
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