4870 x2 vista 64 bit aero crashing games

Hi, I recently instaled 4870 x2 in my pc. Since then I have problems running games. When I am starting for example fallout 3 its minimizing - which is causing game to crash and there is a message from vista that my color scheme is changed to basic. When I chage color scheme from aero to basic permanently I dont have such a problems. Is there any chance to keep aero and enjoy games?
I spotted also other problem - my card is making buzzing noise when in 3d applications. Should I be worried and return the card to shop for an exchange?

Thanks for help
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  1. I am experiencing pretty much the same thing!

    Recently built a PC with a Gigabyte 4870 X2 and Vista 64-bit.

    I get high pitch noise/buzz from the card when in Crysis and Crysis crashes after about 10 minutes. I am able to play Left 4 Dead but there is flickering and for some reason TF2 plays fine!

    I am hoping this is a driver problem and not an issue with the card itself. Maybe someone more knowledge can shed some light on thus for us...

    I am going to try switching to basic from Aero.
  2. I tried switching to basic and no luck with crysis... haven't tried L4D yet.

    The high frequency noises are worrying me.
  3. Apparently the noise is normal. They don't mention anything about crashing/flickering though.

  4. Are you using a Corsair power supply? I'm using HX1000W
  5. I am using ThermalTake ToughPower 750W
  6. I am finding that this issue subsides when running the game windowed instead of fullscreen. Is this true for you?

    I'm surprised more people aren't having this issue.... Does no one run Vista 64? Makes me wish I went XP 64 instead.
  7. Just wanted to state I've tried XP x64 with no problems so far.... I'm no expert but this leads me to believe it's a driver issue...
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