Two 4870's in crossfire or 4870X2

Besides the price, would you say the performance increase is about the same?
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  1. They generally exchange blows, but the 4870s in Crossfire seem to edge out the 4870 X2 (in general). But I would save space, and grab 1 4870 X2, I mean your going dual GPU anyways, why take up the space....unless you want to grab 1 4870 1 gig and save some cash for later:)
  2. The reason I ask this, I heard that the X2 really just utilizes 1g since it's dual gpu. That's why I was thinking the memory would be better used if I bought two 4870's..
  3. well both are seen as 2 gigs, but none actually have 2 gigs. They both only use 1 gig:)
  4. Memory
    Memory Clock 3.6GHz ( 900MHz DDR5 )
    Memory Size 2GB
    Memory Interface 512-bit
    Memory Type GDDR5

  5. So the x2 only uses 1 gig? Even though it says 2?
  6. They "have" 2Gb, but since each GPU has to have the same copy, they only have 1Gb of memory for practical/performance purposes. The same is true of 2+ cards in crossfire, too, though. The VRAM is copied for each GPU/card, so you have as much memory as is on the lowest card (as far as performance is considered).
  7. Basically each GPU has 1GB of memory, its not 2GB shared. They are doing their own thing with their own memory.
  8. yes, its 2 gigs on the card. but its 1 gig per pcb, the card companies just advertise it as 2 gigs because technically there is 2 gigs on the board, just not both used together....its like dual core CPUs, generally they are used as an individual core, not as a core added with the previous one (2.0 ghz dual core doesn't = 4.0 ghz, its equals 2.0 ghz and 2.0 ghz.)

    Just like the 9800 GX2 says 1 gig, but its actually 512 :)
  9. oh ok thanks for the clarification guys :)
  10. Usually when I'm faced with this, I wait.
    Such as get the 1 gig 4870 if that's good enough, then wait a year for a much better card - better than a 4870 X2. This will stretch your dollar.
    If you need the X2 power now, then just get a X2 rather than two (1 gig 4870s). I think the X2 uses less power and only 1 PCIe slot.
    So, basically the X2 or two 4870s are expensive.
  11. Id say just pick up a 4870 1gb now which will surely satisfy most if not all needs then in a few months pick up another at a lower price and dominate for the foreseeable future.
  12. Get one 4870. If you really need two, get a second one, not a 4870X2. That way, if you run into compatibility or driver issues, you have the option of [temporarily] taking one of them out.
  13. I am looking at the same thing. I already have a 4870 1 mg. With my 30in. monitor (2550x1600) I need a bit more. I'm debating between buying a 2nd 4870 or going with a Nvidia 295.

    Also - with a 650 watt power supply, I'm not sure it could handle 2 4870s.
  14. haha thats so funny you bring that up... i have been researching and created topics dedicated to finding out if my 650 watt psu can hold up to cf 4870's and in my case it can... check a bunch of my threads for tons of that info.
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