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"igxprd32 display driver stopped" on new Z68-mobo system

Could use some help here...

Just built a Z68 ASUS, i5 2500k system and loaded win XP (waiting on Win7 for a bit)

I'm getting the classic:
"the igxprd32 display driver has stopped working normally..." error, turning my screen into a 16-color mess.

This issue has already been around for a few year on older mobos -I've searched forums all over- and the solutions seem to always be "get the latest driver".

But that's the mystery here, as I built my system yesterday, loaded all the drivers from the ASUS CD, doublechecked them with Windows Update, and ran the Intel online driver detection tool about 15 times. Not sure that I can grab an "older driver" that will address the newer Intel HD Graphics 3000 on the Sandy Bridge chips.

I'm not playing any games, or taxing the system in ANY way. It's just tripping up/crashing.

Any suggestions?

(btw- "get a graphics card" isn't helpful, thank you.)
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    There might be two issues with this:
    1) Update your motherboard drivers for the PCI-E chipset.
    2) I assume you have Intel integrated in MB, if any other co. makes an intel chipset, they might have their own specific drivers and Intel's will give you an error.
    3) Have you gone through your BIOS settings or left everything at default (never recommended for custom setup).
    4) Integrated all in one chipsets always had some problems, you might consider RMA the whole MB.

    With a decent system like that, I would buy a standalone graphics card. I mean you got the Z68 more expensive and newer MB for a reason right ?
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