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I'm looking for advice and suggestions from some of you experts on a new build I'm looking to do. I'm not looking for top of the line things, ideally I'd like to keep it under $600 or $700 at most. But I certainly don't want to sacrifice quality or stability for price either. I put together a system based on some parts I found from Newegg, any advice or suggestions to this would be very much welcomed. I will primarily be using the system as a file server (we stream video to our xbox from it) and gaming. I don't play those top of the line FPS games, more MMO games like WoW and such so I don't think I need real cutting edge parts. However, I might try some future titles like the new Diablo and Starcraft 2 and I'd like to have a system that can run those well also. This is the system I have come up with so far:

PC Case & PS -
Motherboard -
Processor -
Graphics Card -
CD/DVD Drive -
Hard Drive - I have a bunch of extras that I haven't used yet so I'll be using those (some WD 750GB SATA)

I'm not really sure about the case and PS combo here. Is that PS good and will it suffice for the system I have here? Is that RAM quality? If it turns out the case and PS were not adequate I was also looking at these instead:

PC Case -
Power Supply -

Is this case and PS worth the extra $80 or $90? How about the rest of the components how do they stack up? I was thinking of getting the Windows Vista x64 version also (I currently have XP x86), but I'm not sure if its worth dropping the money. What is really enticing in the x64 version is the increase in available RAM. But if I'm not going to take advantage of that quite yet I wonder if its worth dropping the money for it right now or just wait. TIA for any help you can provide!
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  1. The antec basiq line is not highly rated by a lot of people heres a link to a rating guide by better overclockers than me
    A 4670 would be cheaper and would be overkill for WoW on a 22 inch or less and should be able to play starcraft or diablo with decent specs.
  2. I would ditch that combo for case and powersupply, your second choices were fine (antec 900 and corsair) and I would get quad core, if your not only gaming. like the Q6600 but thats up to you
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. Blacklyte, I'm assuming your talking about this card instead?
  4. not a specific card just the 4670 in general although i would probably go with this one (i hate mail in rebates) and the 4870 i got from them works great.
  5. One thing I just realized I forgot to mention, I have a large widescreen monitor and I run at 1900x1200 (games included) should I take that into consideration when selecting the video card? And will the 4670 run things at that res fine?
  6. You'll be overtaxing a HD4670 at 1900x1200. I'd suggest a HD4830 or a HD4850. The HD4830 is equal to or better then the 9800GT and is a bit cheaper. $90 after rebate
    HD4850 $130 after rebate
    even a HD4870 at that resolution isn't a bad idea at $175 AR
    The Antec300 is a very good case, i'm not too fond of the Antec Basiq though, Here's a PC Power and Cooling 500w for $50 AR
  7. Thanks a lot for input guys, I really appreciate it. After reading your advice and thinking it over, I've decided to change my video card to:

    HD4850 -

    and keep the Antec300 case and use the power supply that DirtMountain suggested since its cheaper:

    PC Power and Cooling 500w -

    My next question would be which version of Vista would I need? I'm thinking the Home Premium Edition would work for me? Is there a compelling reason to go Ultimate? I thinking of:

    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit for System Builders - OEM

    Thanks again for the help guys!
  8. Home premium 64 is an excellent choice
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