Should i go with 3 Intel C Mainstream SATA II SSD in raid 0?

i have 2 intel SSD Intel X25-M in raid 0, and i am thinking to get 3rd one. is it overkill? will it make a big differences?
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  1. What is your goal? Can't tell if it's overkill, without knowing overkill for what. Is something insufficient about your current setup? Running out of space?
  2. my goal is to open any software in a second and extract files very fast. i thought that extracting winrar files will be super quick but it is still taking some time and not every games loading faster than on regular 7200 RMP hard drive for example Pro Evolution Soccer 2010.
  3. Adding another drive will not benefit random access time. It could improve throughput.

    winrar probably depends on a mix of HD performance and processor performance. What processor do you have, and if you look in task manager, is it maxed? (I don't know if winrar takes advantage of multiple cores, so the question might be, is one core maxed out?)
  4. my parts: CORSAIR DOMINATOR-GT 6GB DDR3 1600, Intel Core i7-930 4.0 GHz, EVGA 3-Way SLI LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard
  5. I guess winrar isn't processor bound, unless it only uses 1 core... something you can see while it's running.
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