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I have a 512mb DDR2 533 and a 1GB DDR2 Memory 667/533 running for around 9 months. I also have 7 yrs old 40GB Seagate HDD. On-board video card in use.

Suddenly, my computer starts to hang. I use ultimate boot cd. The memtest86+ running for 2 hours did not found an error. The HDD test corrected some bad sectors but now it is all gone. But the hang doesn't stop. When I'm dling, watching, or sometimes surfing it hangs.
I used another HDD(w/ click of death, i mean it's almost at its end of lifetime) althought it still hangs, it takes much longer time.
I remove my 512mb RAM, its good for 2 days with no hang but it hangs again after 2 days.

Help! I don't know what to do next. How can I solve this problem? :sweat:
Is it possible that both my RAMs are deffective or both of my HDDs?

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  1. my mother board problem is video song play kus ter ke bad hang

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