I7 930 x21 ratio not working for my overclocking

Hi toi all,

I'm trying to overclock the 930 to 4ghz however I a problem with changing the ratio, when i save the ratio to x21 in the bios but it won't stay at x21 it keeps going back to x22 ratio even though i saved it in the bios and restart the computer and everything for some reason. The reason why I want to be running at x21 in the first place because according to internet resources, having an odd number ratio (like x19 or 21) runs more stable then x20 or x22.

By the way the motherboard I'm using is the ASrock x58 extreme motherboard and bios version 1.6, would I need to update the bios to a later version for it to be working the way I want?

Any help is appreciated thank you
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  1. actually nevermind I just found out how to fix it, thread closed
  2. Do you have turbo disabled in the Bios?

    As for the odd/even thing, I've heard that too, but I still keep mine at 20x without a problem.
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