I can't figure this one out (some kinda mobo short, i think)

I dont know what it is but every once in a while if I touch any metal part of the pc or touch something else metal to it, say for instance a usb plug or something, the pc will just immediately reboot. I'm not talkin like waiting for the os to shut down, the screen just flashes and linux starts booting again. now get this, this is the reason why I think its the mobo, if say I move the pc (like unplug everything and move it to the next room) the bios resets it self, I bought a new coin cell for that and it still didnt solve that problem and I tested the old one and it was fine too. I dont know what else to think or do. I was just wondering if I could salvage the board or just scrap it, i mean it still works fine, its just irritating.
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  1. Have you been installing the motherboard with standoffs?
  2. the case didnt come with stand-offs, but I think I have them from my old case, I ill try that a little later. yea, check this, I come in here to turn it on and i start to swing open the door that covers the drives and power and reset button and it turns on, no pressing the button no nothing, just touch the drive bay door, thats it! crazy!

    I'm actually a bit scared to do it, not because I don't know how to but the fact that it still works just with the few hiccups i've mentioned and if i do it, it might not work. :\ but I guess after im done browsing or whatever, ill try it out and see what happens.
  3. If you do not have standoffs installed be very careful. My personal reccomendation would be unplug it from the wall until you get some. You stand a good chance of burning something out. right now it sounds like its an easy fix, but if you wait to get your standoff installed it could become a costly fix real fast.
  4. True, I'm using the pc right now to make these posts, but I just pulled the stand-offs out of my old case, I think there might be stand-offs in there but they're like the little cruddy quarter inch ones, the one I pulled out of my old case are an inch though, so that, I hope, will definetly helpo
  5. Well, I feel dumb. There are like quarter inch stand-offs in there, but then I realized after had taken the board out that if i put those one inch stand-offs in there then the boards back i/o or card slots wouldnt line up right. So I just left the smaller stand-offs in there but when I booted it back up it did like it always did. since i had moved it and put it on its side the bios once again reset itself and i had to once again go back in and set everything back up just the way i had it. so I dont know what else to do, other than buy a new mobo and processor. I cant find a good mobo with the specs i want that will still support a pentium d processor I guess my machine has become aged.
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