Is there a way to power a second GPU with my PSU?

That's the PSU, one thing is, it already used up both 6-pin and 6+2 pin to power my GTX 260 core 216...

Is there some sort of converter or adapter to make another different power connection on my PSU feed a second vid card? or do i have to get a new PSU entirely?

i know its 550 watts, but with some wattage calc i used, it says i'm only using 361 watts with my current set up. I figured i can throw in another card, maybe...

(it's a future thing, when i retire that card, i can use it for physics and the new future card for graphics, as my AMD 790GX mobo doesn't do SLI, but it has two x16 PCI slots)
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  1. hmm... is there one on newegg, there has to be one
  2. sorry, i'm from the uk, i don't use newegg.

    4th one down might be it...
  3. oh, good! perfect...
  4. remember to make sure you have enough molexes and that you actually need a 6+2, i'm not sure if thats a 6 or an 8.
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