Push/Pull fan configuration on EVGA X58 SLI


I'm thinking about setting up push/pull dual config fans on my motherboard and want these fans to be controlled with a smart fan.
At this point I got 2 GELID SILENT 120 PWM fans and

I looked to the specs of the fan and it seems like it consumes 0.18 Amps and for both of them it will be 0.36Amps.
The maximum for the mobo head is 1Amp right?

Will it be safe to connect these fans to my mobo?

Thank you very much,

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  1. Hello Ruben,

    I tought the maximum was 2Amp but I'm not entirely sure, I think you should be fine. After all EVGA are quality and rock solid boards.

    Hope this helped,
  2. Hi supersnicker,

    Thanks for feedback. Will connect these fans within next 2 days.
    will let you know how it works.

    Also thinking about if it is worth putting a fuse so if for some reason current goes higher it does not burn the motherboard. What you think? will it be an overkill? :)

  3. Also another question is to which fan should i connect the RPM sensor? the pulling fan or the pushing fan?
  4. They both should have their own sensor to see if your system is working up to par.
  5. I thought that if I connect 2 fans with a Y splitter and both of them have the PWM (4th pin) connected it may affect the precision.
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