Zalman GS1000.... How is it??

I'm looking for a case for my next build,and I think Zalman GS1000 looks very nice(saw a shopped image on the ibuypower website and liked it very much)
I liked the brushed look and the fact that it doesn't have too many fans. Not to mention the classy looks.
So, What do you think should I buy it or is there something better in the same class...
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  1. Is that a full tower ATX? Well theres also a Antec 1200, NZXT Tempest. Now I see the pics lol and that case is sooo AWESOME!! I think that its worth it being that Zalman is a reliable brand and that the case is superior for airflow and cable management lol.
  2. CM690 or NZXT Khaos... I've used both and they each have their place. Though the NZXT is very pricey.
  3. Yes it is a full tower, but I think that the CM690 or NZXT Khaos doesn't look as good and classy as the GS1000
  4. Yeah, you've got to admit that case looks pretty cool. But with that price there are lots of good cases.
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