The handle is invalid printing

I get “The handle is invalid” when I try to print a small notepad document.
My printer is a Xerox WorkCentre 4118x. The printer is connected through a USP port, and it was working fine until I connected the computer to another identical printer. Meanwhile, I had Windows update also. I am not sure what went wrong. I deleted the printer, removed the driver and reinstalled in avail. Any suggestion?
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  1. Make sure printer port is still USB and default lang. is whatever printer first setup, e.g. Raw, Winnt, Xerox, etc... Seems like you still have residues of the other installs, preventing you to clean install again. Check Documents & Settings for traces, go to Xerox site, see if they have an uninstall cleaner. Otherwise it's a lot of Registry Edit not recommended for beginners.
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